जल्द हो सकते हैं पाकिस्तान के 2 टुकड़े सभी लोग मांग रहे आजादी इमरान ने क...

Pakistan threatens to break India and talk about snatching Kashmir, but today's news is very interesting because now the time has come that there can be two pieces of Pakistan back here, then complete information Please read.

According to a report by INDIA TODAY, people in Pakistan's province Balochistan are raising their voices against Pakistan and seeking independence from Pakistan, people of Balochistan say that they were never Pakistani and Pakistan has forcibly taken possession of them And now she wants freedom from Pakistan

What is the case of Balochistan's independence

Indeed, when India and Pakistan were liberated in 1945, then Balochistan was a separate province at that time and Balochistan wanted India to form Balochistan as its own state, at that time, India's Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru denied the fact that Balochistan is far away from India, hence Balochistan can not be made the state of India.

Pakistan had captured Balochistan

During Pakistan's liberation in 1945, at that time Pakistan attacked Balochistan with the help of its army and forced Baluchistan to occupy it and made Balochistan a province of Pakistan, but the people of Balochistan never took Pakistan The country is not considered and the days in Balochistan, the Pakistani army keeps killing people and oppresses the people there.

2 pieces of Pakistan again

Just as India had made Bangladesh from Pakistan and Pakistan had split into two pieces, the atmosphere is becoming such that Pakistan's sin is full and now there is a chance to give Balochistan the independence.

People's voices in Balochistan are rising and slogans of Murdabad against Pakistan and slogans of freedom are also being seen from which it is known that in the coming years, Pakistan will again be divided into 2 pieces of Pakistan and Will go away.

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