अमिताभ बच्चन पहुँचे इस मंदिर मे दर्शन करने कभी खाली हाथ नहीं लौटते इस मं...

Hello friends, whatever the person may be, but when a mountain of troubles comes upon him, he first finds refuge in God. He asks for such a road near God, who will remove him immediately from all difficulties. In order to pray, the person first sees the path of religious places such as Temple-Masjid-Church-Gurudwara.

Friends, there are many such temples of Hinduism which are considered to be fulfilling their desires. Many miraculous temples are very famous but only a few people know about some temples. The devotees who go to this place send information about this diligent to other devotees. One such holy temple is the Kukukra Subramanya Temple in Karnataka.

There is such a belief in the bar of this temple that whosoever goes to this temple, he never returns empty hands. This temple is located just a few km away from Karnataka. The fame of completing the wonders of this wondrous temple has spread so much that Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devan have also come here in their bad days.

Lord Subramaniam i.e. Kartikeya Swami is worshiped in this temple. According to the devotees who have gone to this temple, they are disappointed with all the places of the world, they come to 'Kukukai Subrahmanya Temple' and all their desires have been fulfilled with the blessings of Lord Subramaniam.

We do not even know how much continuity is in this matter, but this is a continuous truth that "the foundation of faith depends on faith.