शादी के 24 घंटे बाद दुल्हन के साथ हुआ ऐसा काण्ड देखकर सारा परिवार हैरान

After 24 hours of marriage, the bride died due to unknown reasons. The joy of marriage became transformed into weeds. The boy and girl side of the bride's side are in shock. Here at the civil hospital, the panel of three doctors, including the female doctor, did the PM. The police handed over the mortal remains to the dead body of the police. The bride was cremated in an impassable atmosphere in the evening

According to information received from the small Bajrari police post, Sindhi Dharmashala was married on 27th June 27, with the daughter of Tejpal Yadav, resident of Dandi village, District Lalitpur, Ajay Yadav, son of Kailash Yadav, resident of Gandhi Ward. After the marriage ended the girl's departure on Thursday. All day long Kailash Yadav's house was happy to have a bride. Relatives including family were celebrating happiness. At around 1 a.m. the bride suddenly fell ill. The family arrived with a civil hospital for treatment
On duty doctor recruited Pooja to the hospital for treatment. At around 10 in the morning, he was taking the bride back home, but his condition worsened as soon as he came out of the hospital. The family took him to a private hospital for treatment, but the doctors advised him to take him to a civil hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, the doctor declared the bride dead.
The death of Pooja was given to the maternal uncle by the boys. As soon as the news came, the girl's father and relative reached the hospital at around 1 pm. They requested the police officials not to make the body of the dead body. The girl's side said that they have a kinship with the boys. They have no doubt about them
Due to any disease, daughter's death has occurred. Here the boys and also the boys were in favor of not making the PM, but police and administrative officials said it was mandatory to take the PM as a legal action. This led to a panel of three doctors including a lady doctor.