बिना पटरी के चीन की सड़को पर दौड़ी ट्रेन ऐसा करने वाला पहला देश बना चीन

China has shocked the whole world once again. For the first time, China has created a new record without first running the first smart train, and has surprised the whole world. China has become the first country in terms of running a feature train. This train is able to walk without any tracks. This first train from China will run on a virtual rail line. These lines have been laid on the streets of China. It has been prepared in Zhuzhou province of China and this is where the initial test is being done

It will be different than the conventional train and will be able to carry 300 passengers at a time. The speed of the train will be 70 kilometers per hour. The specialty of this train is that 3 coaches have been prepared in it. They have been interconnected like Metro. Passengers can travel from one coach to another in the smart train. This Smart Train is being described as a future transport
This train system has been prepared for the cities. This is called the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit. It has been prepared by China Rail Corporation. The train maker is the world's largest train company. This train is being run in Zhuzhou province of China. There are 40 million people here. Everyone has to go to other cities of China. This train will make their journey easier