पेड़ काट रहा था ये शख्‍स तभी अंदर से निकला कुछ ऐसा जिसे देख उड़ गए होश

Just as human beings know in life, they also live in trees and plants. Our hearts become unhappy when cutting these trees. Something similar happened with America's Ryan Saundar, after which he has started hating himself. Hua Yun's Ryan was a very big tree in Saundar's garden. Whom he wanted to remove, but something happened after which he started hating himself

Ryan wanted to cut the tree out of his garden and remove it. So Ryan came with cutter in his garden. As soon as the tree was cut half of it, something like that came out of his eyes, and his senses were seen. When cutting trees, it was seen that there was some black creature coming out of the tree.
As soon as he went near, he saw that he is a snake. At first he did not understand anything but seeing carefully, it was found that half of that snake was cut during the cutting of the tree. The snake was deeply distressed for half the cut. Ryan was very sad after seeing the torture snake and he started getting angry at himself
Ryan considered himself responsible for the death of snake and began to hate himself