जॉनी लीवर का बेटा है बहुत ही खूबसूरत और हैंडसम बॉडी देख भूल जायेंगे टाइग...

You guys will know about the actor Johnny Lever, who laughs the whole world through his brilliant comedy. He has acted in a lot of Bollywood comedy films and Johnny Lever is an actor who also gives a sad person a laugh with his comedy.

People still like their comedy very much, and you must have known about friends Johnny Lever, but today we are going to talk about his son.
The name of Johnny Lever's son is Jessie Liver who looks very beautiful and irresistible in appearance. Tell you that Jesse Liver is very active on social media, but her father Johnny Lever and her sister are always active on social media
On one side, Johnny Lever is considered to be one of Bollywood's biggest actors, on the other hand, his son Jesse Liver likes to stay away from Bollywood and social media. Seeing Jesse Liver, it is believed that why are they leaving Tiger Shroff behind with their style and body.