गंगाजल में क्यों नहीं पनपते बैक्टीरिया शोध से सच आया सामने वैज्ञानिक हैरान

Have you ever considered how the Ganges is so sacred for centuries? The gangaajal which houses in the houses so far remains exactly the same as that of many years, whereas the water normally received gets spoiled after a few days.

Whereas in the Ganges, from the dead body, the surrounding trash is also flown. In this case, why is it so sacred and classy? This is a matter of curiosity among people that why Gangaajal is never bad. Today you are going to tell its reality, due to which the water of Ganga is never bad
Let us tell you that Sanatan Dharma is based solely on scientific facts and the reason for the sanctity of Gangajal is also scientific, in relation to which a recent research has surfaced. According to this research, a virus has been reported to have never been bad in Gangajal
Scientists have told that there is a virus present in Gangajal due to which it can never rot. This is the reason that you want to store the Gangajal for many days or years, but there will be no change in its color nor any kind of smell will come out of it.