स्टेज पर दूल्हे को देख दुल्हन ने फेंक दी जयमाला बोली नहीं करूंगी शादी बा...

We all know that marriage is the union of two people, but there are two family members too.So marriage can never be used with lies and deceit. Today, we believe in the news about which we are going to believe. Can not

In fact, a girl living in Meerut threw Jayala from the marriage pavilion when the girl asked the girl, I will not marry this Buddha.
The bride said that the bridegroom was twice as old as her age. It would be better to get a life partner in life for 3 to 4 years. But marriage is not okay with the boy, so that's why I threw Jayala. I had decided to marry the father by lying and therefore I refused to get married
Usha's father says that we were married to Picholia.We did not see the bride's photo. On the other hand, the boy says the father, especially the son of Harishankar, so he said that my son works in Delhi. It's almost 30 years old, which is not very much.The girl has made a false allegation of age.The 10 year old girl goes for the marriage