BJP के नेता ने अपनी चाची को बनाया अपना शिकार ये देख चाचा हुआ दुनिया से फरार

Embarrassing politicians, you must have heard before, but such an embarrassing event will not be heard. Aniket Chaurasia, student wing of BJP youth wing, ABVP in Madhya Pradesh, has stigmatized the relationship. On this, to create a natural relationship with his own aunt The accused is of Jabalpur

Media reports claim that this association was forced by Aniket and when the victim told this incident to her husband, Chacha was embarrassed and murdered. The police arrested the BJP leader and sent him to jail.Court has sentenced the BJYM leader to jail The police has sent the victim's statement before the court under Section 164
According to the local media, the police said that Baiyumu leader Aniket Chaurasia, who was living in the Gate Number One, made an illegal relationship with his aunt. Because of this, his uncle Pappu Chaurasia committed suicide by jumping from the sheep
Aniket's father, Dilip Chaurasia, says that his son is innocent. They say that the accused woman has questioned the character of her husband and has given an affidavit in police. They have said that Aniket has a false allegation.