ट्रेन के बाथरूम से लगातार आ रही थी आवाज़ दरवाजा खोला तो दंग रह गए सब अन्...

In fact, the story we are going to tell you today is Ahmedabad's Sultanpur express going to Sultanpur. It is being told that the journey was going on quite normal, so that people heard and heard voices from the coach number S6's bathroom.

Save the voice coming from the bathroom! The door was closed all the while leaving the door! Indian train has always been a matter of concern for the people! Whether it is due to his or her reason to lie down or the day to day accidents! It happened that the train without a stoppage had to stop
After the month of muscle, the bathroom pipe had to be cut from the gas cutter to get the woman out! For about an hour the train had to stand in the station! During this, the breath of all officers remained flat
Indian train continues to be a matter of discussion even today, whether it is late or in the early days. In today, you are going to tell about an incident about which everybody is a public but it is not getting better. We are talking about a superfast train of superfast trains recently went to restrooms for defecation but due to government's negligence, the woman's leg broke
As soon as the woman went to the toilet, the woman's feet slipped and the feet of the woman slipped in the pipe in the pot of the bathroom and the groan came from the woman's pain. The train of unstoppelled had to be stopped in the middle of the road, and after cutting the pot of bathroom, the woman had to take the leg, the train had to stop in the train journey for hours.