गधा बिरादरी का किंग है ये खाता है रोज़ाना मेवे और लड्डू कीमत सुनकर उड़ जाय...

After the game, Haryana is now seen moving forward in animal husbandry too. In the state where the horse is worth crores of rupees, the donkey of a million rupees has also emerged. The donkey named Tipu is in discussion due to its price. Tipu is not a simple donkey, its quality is no match with any ordinary ass. It has a height of about five and a half feet.

In the village of Sonepat, in Nayabass, the cattle-stockman has a donkey worth two lakhs but not five lakhs. The donkey's owner has kept the donkey's price of Rs 10 lakh and it has cost up to Rs 5 lakhs. The asshole owner Rajneesh says that he had bought donkey's mother 15 years ago and before that, he had sold the donkeys worth 2 to 3 lakhs to the traders.
The owner of the donkey, Rajneesh said that on this donkey, he gets up to a thousand rupees daily. Every day, this donkey eats 5 kg of gram and it needs something in a time sweet. Favorite Sweet Dish is Ladoo and Jig. Rajnish's son Sumit said that he also takes care of the ass with the father. After coming to school, he takes this donkey to grass. He helps his father with studies. Tipu's fame is not limited to Haryana, but people from many places including Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh come to inspire Tipu and can not live without praising the stature of its fame.