महिला समझ रही थी होंठ पर हो गया है इंफेक्शन जब डॉक्टर्स ने देखा तो रेंग ...

According to this report, the 32-year-old woman's lips were swelling severely, according to this report. In addition, there was also itching and irritation in the face. Where did the woman first swell under her left eye, which had reached and reached the upper part of her lips. After these activities, the woman went to the doctor for treatment. He told the doctors that a few months ago he had gone out on vacation. Where the wild mosquito was cut on his face. Doctors immediately identified it after the investigation. Where did they come from within the worm of the parakeet worm?

Doctors report in the report, where the worm spreads inside the face of the woman spreads rapidly in humans after exposure to mosquitoes and dogs. This worm looks like a thread and can survive inside the human body for 2 years. But it is not deadly for humans in the early days