मंदसौर मामले में बड़ा खुलासा आरोपी कई दिन से स्कूल पर रख रहे थे नज़र उसक...

Another shocking disclosure has been made in the case of 'Nirbhaya', such as the eight year old innocent in Mandsaur district. It has been found in the police investigation that the accused had already been keeping a watch on the school and for the purpose of carrying out the incident, they also had complete planning for it. Not only this, the accused had deliberately chosen innocent to carry out the crime, so that they could not resist Rape.

Fighting the war with the innocent
The condition of the innocent in the hospital remains fragile. So far, the doctor has done many of his surgeries. According to the police, the accused searched for those things after the gangrape, after which they could damage their private parts.
The police has taken action and the other accused has also been arrested. SP Manoj Singh said that, "One school girl had seen the second accused who kidnapped the girl. The child said that he was wearing orange T-shirt. In CCTV footage, Irfan was seen wearing a blue shirt. During the interrogation, Irfan admitted that he had conspired with his partner Asif to plot the incident.
The accused said that at around five o'clock the Asif started roaming near the school gate and kept an eye on the innocent child. He lent him candy and snack, and if he goes with him then he will get more. The girl walked with Asif and later Irfan also got along with her. They took the girl to a deserted place, where Asif ganged up with him for nearly two hours, and then Irfan started vandalism. After this, they cut the baby's throat and left to die.