इरफान खान की तबियत को लेकर डॉक्टरों ने कही ऐसी बात के बॉलीवुड में पसरा मातम

As you all know, Bollywood-born actor Irfan Khan had a tweet about a month ago in his social media account, in which Irfan had given evidence of himself being afflicted with any illness. After that, many fans of Irfan feared that what happened to Irfam

After some time after Irrfan's tweet, many Bollywood actors also wished him to be well-off, but Irfan did not open the secret of what kind of illness he was after. But the matter came to mind when Umar Sandhu, a film journalist, made a complete comment about Irfan's condition by tweeting
According to the journalist, Irfam is suffering from a cancer-related illness. And Irfan's condition is worsening day by day. This is what the doctors have to say that Irfan's disease has reached its peak, and Irfan will not be able to live more than a month.