मुस्लिम बाप ने बेटी की शादी में छपवाया ऐसा कार्ड हर कोई कर उठा वाह वाह

The incident is from Bagai Sarai village of Sultanpur where both Hindus and Muslims live in equal populations. There is often a dispute between the two communities in which something has to be borne out of harm. There was a time when people of the village lived together in love, but for the past some time everything had changed. In such a case, a person named Salim Mohammad had decided to join the two communities by ending mutual discrimination.

According to the information received, all the preparations of Mohammad Salim's daughter had been done, then there was a plan in the mind of Mohammad Salim that both the Hindu Muslims could come closer. Mohammed Saleem printed the picture of the marriage couple of Lord Rama and mother Sita in the marriage of their daughter and invited people of the entire village to their daughter's wedding
Anyone who saw the reason for this marriage was amazed and praised Mohammed Salim's move in the entire area. After this, the people of both communities blessed the daughter of Salim after reaching the marriage and blessed him with a happy life. On the question, Mohammed Saleem explains that his intention is to create a brotherhood between the two communities across the country.