आयरलैंड के साथ हुई बेईमानी खिलाड़ी को नो बॉल कर दिया आउट विराट को पता चला...

Team India defeated Ireland by 143 runs in the last match of the Twenty20 series between India and Ireland in Dublin.

Earlier in the match, the Indian team scored 213 for 4 wickets in 20 overs. Lokesh Rahul and Suresh Raina played best innings from India
Lokesh Rahul scored 36 runs in this match to score 70 runs. Lokesh Rahul made 3 fours and six sixes during his innings. Suresh Raina scored 69 runs in 45 balls in this match
During the batting of Ireland, a different look was also seen. Ireland's batsman was bowled out by Ireland's bowler Kaul on the ball. But when Replayley was shown in the bigger TV, it was discovered that Kaul's feet were far ahead of the no ball line