प्लेन की उड़ान से पहले की गई थी पूजा पहिए के सामने फोड़ा था नारियल चंद म...

A chartered plane collapsed on the building under construction in Mumbai Ghatkopar area on Thursday. Five people were killed in the accident. These include pilot Maria Kuber, Co-pilot Pradeep Rajput, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Manish Pandey and Surabhi. One passer also knew Plaindopar was landed at 1.13 am in the residential area of ​​Sarvodaya Nagar of Ghatkopar. After the mantinance, the plane was being flown on trial, then when it was repaired, his worship was recited and the coconut was also broken in front of his wheels. In this accident, the plane had come and fell into the area and people had to come there.

Chashmidid girl told that it is normal for them to see the plane because a plane passes over every two and a half minutes from their building.
When he was inside the house, he first heard the sound of a blast, after which there was a strong bang twice. They thought, maybe the electricity board was blasted but when the plane was seen, the plane was lying down and the tree planted in the side of the fire was also burnt.
 They saw that the person who had died due to bike was coming from the bike, only after coming to meet him, the plane collided and he died.
 Another eyewitness said that he had a call from his daughter and told that the plane had crashed, only then he came to know about the matter that came frightening.
 At the same time a woman said that she was working in the hall of her house only when the information came to her and she looked from there, a plane was lying down and there was a fire.