सोने से भी ज्यादा कीमती है उबली हुई चायपत्ती फेंकने की गलती ना करें वरना...

Every person wants to drink tea in the morning because it brings energy to the body. All the people who eat tea according to their need. But after making tea, most people throw boiled tea leaves. Because they think it's no use anymore. But not so boiled tea leaf has many benefits, which you hardly know about

Friends boiled tea is a quality in tea leaf which fills large wounds early and wounds heal
Boil the tea spoon well and clean the glass by adding water in the spray bottle. This will make the mirror shine
Every house has some or no plant and all the plants need fertilization over time. If you use boiled boiled tea instead of manure, the plants will stay healthy and grow fast.
 You can use the boiled tea to clean the furniture. For this, after washing the tea plate in water, wash it once more thoroughly. Clean the furniture with that water, it will make your furniture look fresh