मुस्लिम पति ने हिन्दू पत्नी के शरीर का सारा खून निकाल टुकड़े कर डब्बे में...

Delhi Police received a body in a parcel box in Sarita Vihar. The zombies were cut in several pieces. Because of which the body of the body was not known. Then the police started investigation based on the address written on the box

It was found in the investigation that these parcel boxes belong to a person named Javed Akhtar. When the police interrogated Javed, it was discovered that some boxes had given to his maid and some were kept in the house of Shahin Bagh in Delhi. And that house was rented to Sajid Ali Ansari. The police got the box from the maid's house. After which the police reached the house of Shahin Bagh. But there was a lock. Inquiry in the Mohalla revealed that Sajid was leaving the house empty
When the police arrested Sajid and started questioning, Sajid told that his wife was Hindu. His name was Rajbala. In the year 2011, she fell in love with her. After which she married her and changed her name to a juvenile
Sajid told that there was also a relation with his second woman. Because of which there was a quarrel with the wife. He was stunned by the death of his wife by slapping her. Later, together with his brothers, he cut pieces of the corpse and threw it into the box.