कबीर की मजार पर योगी ने नहीं पहनी टोपी मोदी ने चढ़ाई चादर माहोल हुआ गरम

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Maghar on the occasion of 620th anniversary of Saint Kabir Das. At the site of Kabir's grave, PM Modi climbed the mazar on the mazar and covered his head.

At the same time, on Wednesday, a day before the visit of PM, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had also reached Meghar to take stock of the preparations.
The Yogi went to the mazar of Kabir but the patron tried to wear a hat on him, then the yogi caught his hand and refused to be gestured.
Later they asked to take the cap in hand, so they refused. Then the yogi started inquiring about the arrangements
Prime Minister Narendra Modi also addressed the people of Maghar in the city of Saint Kabir
PM Modi, recalling Kabir's message, targeted the opposition