ये अभिनेत्री बाबा रामदेव से करना चाहती है शादी बाबा ने कहा के आओ कभी पतं...

The Bollywood industry is considered to be a big industry. On the day, any actress remains in the media spotlight, but today we are going to talk about an actress who wants to marry India's yoga guru Baba Ramdev. It's gone

 Rakhi Sawant, considered to be one of Bollywood's most beautiful actresses, always keeps the media headlines for her troubling statements, in 2011, Rakhi Sawant said that if Baba Ramdev gets married then marry him. Ready for
 As you know, Rakhi Sawant's statement has raised headlines many times in the media and this statement has stirred up Bollywood and media.
 As soon as Baba Ramdev came to know about this statement, Baba Ramdev clearly stated that Rakhi Sawant is only making such a statement to come to the media headlines, I have no connection with the beauties of Bollywood and Bollywood.