घर में खोदी बेटी की कब्र दफनाने के 49 दिन बाद खुला प्रेम कहानी का राज हर...

The incident is from the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The eyes of the father Maqsud, the murderer of the daughter of the girl in Tevada of Morana police station area, got exhausted. In police inquiries, he admitted how he married a daughter in his brother's murderer family. This relationship was not approved in any case. She explained to Nadan daughter many times, but she did not accept it, she had to take her life

With the presence of Makkoud and Usman neighbors of Tevada village of Kakrauli police station area, they are being told to belong to only one Kunbi. According to the villagers, the rivalry between the two families was related to farming and farming. In this dispute, about 17 years ago, Masjud's brother Mahmud was murdered with sharp weapons, whose dead body was lying on the fields. The allegation of Mahmud's assassination was felt on the Osman side, after which the enclave between the two sides went deeper
After the Mahmood massacre, love affairs began with Munshib, son of Maqsood, the neighbor of Osama's son, Shakira, whose family came to know about a few months ago. On the occasion of love with the son of the enemy, Maqsood explained to the daughter Shakira several times. Regardless of the fact, the marriage of any boy of his choice was also asked. Shakira kept on insisting on marrying her at all times. On the night of May 12, again, between the daughter of Maqsood, Shakira, she was restless
Due to this controversy, Shakira started leaving the house after talking about leaving the house. Suddenly, Shakira fell on the ground by sliding the leg. In the meantime, Maqsood stabbed his daughter in the throat of her daughter-in-law. The daughter kept begging for her father, but for the sake of false pride, the father, who became a devoted husband, ended his daughter's life with her own hands.
The murderer Maqsood wanted to kill his boyfriend Munajib. After the daughter's murder, she kept roaming outside the house for a long time in the reconnaissance. Maqsood says that the family's respect is first. After the daughter's murder, she wanted to kill her ashik, but she could not find that she saved her life