रोज देर से स्कूल आता था स्टूडेंट नाराज होकर टीचर देता था सजा लेकिन एक दि...

A short film on social media is getting viral. In this, a school teacher was punished by the students coming late in the day. Every day the beating of the pedestal was not affecting the student. He went to school only after going to school. Initially the teacher thought that the boy is probably lazy. So it is late. That's why the teacher never asked for his reason. But when the teacher finds himself to be late for the student, he feels sorry for himself. This short film is posted by Fahad Maqsusi on YouTube

One day, when the teacher went to the jogging in the morning, he saw the students coming in the lighthouse going bicycle. The teacher started following him, so that he could know the reason for his late arrival.
The teacher who saw the student following the course, he himself regretted. The boy used to sell the newspaper early in the morning, so it was late. When the boy reached the school again late, the teacher hugged him instead of killing him