ये है रावण की बहन शूर्पणखा समय से पहले बता देती है होने वाली घटनाये देखिये

Yes, in fact, Surdaanka is alive. To bring blessings here, Sri Lankan big leaders and cricketers come to take blessings from them. And Sri Lanka's people believe that they still have many old powers. The people of that place believe that they are immediately cured of the sick people.

Right now it lives in the town of Kotba, adjacent to the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, the real name of this woman is Ganga Sudarshi. You will be surprised to know that when this woman was born then both the nose and ears were cut marks on both sides. And this woman still considers herself a sister of Ravan.
In Sri Lanka, after the fierce tsunami came in 2004, this Tsunami was predicted by Ganga Sudarshi a long time ago. But no one even listened to Ravana's sister Sholayakha and this cataclysm actually came in and killed thousands of people in it. Since then, Ganga Sudarshane has become famous all over the world including Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka.