मैच के दौरान हार्दिक पांड्या ने लगाया हेलीकाप्टर शॉट जिसे देखकर महेंद्र ...

Today we will talk about cricket in the first T20 match between India and Ireland. In the meantime, today between India and Ireland, the second T20 match will be played at 8.30 pm. But when we first saw the highlights of the T20 match, we could see some such shots which will see you going

Friends, we are talking about Dhoni during the first T20 match on the 27th of that Hardy Pandya shot about that shot also went to Chowk. In the 19.5th over of India's first innings, Hardik Pandya had a great shot in Dhoni's style. You told me that this helicopter shot from Hardik Pandya had reached the ball straight across the boundary. After the six balls in the last ball, India's score was 208
After seeing this helicopter shot from Hardik Pandya, Mahendra Singh Dhoni also went to the chowk. Dhoni's helicopter is the most famous and hearty Pandya played this shot very well. Behr Hall is spread against everyone in front of Dhoni's helicopter shot