कोलकाता की यह काली सच्चाई जानकर रह जाओगे हैरान देखिये इनका दर्द

Kolkata is India's fourth largest and developed city. Kolkata is known throughout the world for its culture and its great history. Kolkata is the city where India's first metro. But behind this glowing threat of Kolkata, there is a black truth that you may not know.

We are talking about Sonagachi of Kolkata, this place is Asia's largest red light area. Sonagachi is a place in Kolkata in the northern part of Kolkata, it started by the British for its soldiers when their soldiers lived in India in size far away from their wives in England. At that time, the widow of Kolkata was brought here for this work and she used to get this dirty work done. Only then is this black market going on here
There are many lanes and small buildings in Sonagachi, which have a total of about 12000 girls. These girls are brought from different parts of India by human trafficking or seduction, by the excuse of job