इस मुस्लिम महिला ने बन्दर के नाम कर दी अपनी करोड़ों की जायदाद बना लिया ब...

An interesting story of unique love for animals has come out in Rae Bareli. The biggest character in this story is Chimmun (Monkey). Because of Chimmun, a woman got so much pleasure in the lap that she gave all the property to her pet monkey. When Chanmun died last year, the woman built her temple in her house.

A Chunmun (monkey) in Rae Bareli did something like this, after which a woman here named her full property. Tell the woman that the pet monkey filled her happiness in her lap that she gave her full property to her name. After some time when Chanmun died, the woman had a life-long reputation for a monkey idol with Ram-Lakshman and Sita in the temple on Tuesday. Bhandara was also done on this occasion. The woman has named her house after the monkey.
Poetry Sabasta, a resident of Rathore Nagar in Rae Bareli, got this monkey some 13 years ago. Sabissa thinks that after the arrival of Chunmun, her life changed. Chunmun proved to be lucky for him. Sabista is a Muslim, despite this she has built a temple in her house. In 1998, she had married Brijesh Shrivastav. Both have no children