समुद्र के अंदर रिर्सच के दौरान लोगों को मिला कैमरा खुला तो देखते रह गये सभी

Under the sea, there are only sea things, but some recently recruiting students have found the camera from the sea. Yes, these students got the camera during the rehearsing and the biggest thing was that the camera was completely Although it was safe, sea creatures or old things are only available from the sea, but in the recent past one camera has come. Let us tell you in detail that this whole incident In about

It was actually that two recharged students, Beau Doherty and Tela Osler, reached Vancouver Island for their resume, both of whom are students of Marine Biology and they are surrounded by the sea and in some areas within their recharges When they were working in the depths of forty feet in the depths of the sea, a student got some strange thing and he told the other student about this
When both of them saw this strange thing brought out, they both were surprised, it was a camera, after which they reached the professor with both cameras, these people thought that this would be an ordinary camera when they opened it to a memory The card came out these people said that there were some photos and some photos of 2012 in this collection, they took out the print out and put it on the streets. Only then did anyone see this cam Sector has to find the real owner