नवविवाहिता को थी उम्मीद कि सुहागरात पर पति करेगा उठा उठा कर प्यार उसने क...

The latest case is about Mahoba district village of Kotmau village of Kotwali area. In fact, Ganeshali Lal, living in Village Basaura of Srinagar Police Station area, married his daughter Prema on May 6, 2017 from Neeraj, resident of Tikamu. For the daughter's marriage, the poor father sold his land and gave dowry according to strength. The sick father could not treat his illness if he did not have the money, but he would certainly have sold his field for the daughter's marriage. But did he know that the daughter who is married to Dhum, she will leave the world after a year?

After marriage, for a few days between Prema and Neeraj, everything went fine. But then there was a quarrel over dowry that went away till the married life. The brother of the deceased Pushpendra and sister Kapoori tell that the sister is being tortured by her father-in-law and husband for dowry only after marriage. There were quarrels in the house every day in the dowry. Husband used to beat the day with love. Premma often told her father and mother to come to her mother's house. Premma hoped that with time all will be well and she will also find her husband's love. But what did she know that her dream would be only a dream? Two days ago, Prema had reached my mother's in-laws house and once again she was tortured for dowry. The in-laws used to torture so much that they did not even talk to the maiden on their phones. By the sudden fire last night, Prema's condition became serious. After the fire in the suspicious condition, the in-laws of the in-laws took her to a district hospital, where she was referred to Jhansi Medical as critical condition.