जिम के बाहर अपने बॉयफ्रेंड्स के साथ बाहर निकलती दिखी दिशा पाटनी क्या हो ...

Patiala's most beautiful Bollywood actress Patani is always in the news headlines of the media. Most of them live in more detail about their fitness and beauty. They will be able to see the pictures from the gym on the day you come. He is very aware of his fitness

Just recently Patna was seen walking out of the gym, where he was getting out with his very close friend. However, the people of Patna are also known as Tiger Shroff's girlfriends, so when looking at this friend, many fans also wanted to know who they were. By the way, Tiger Shroff and direction Patani have always been telling each other the best friend, so it is difficult to say anything about someone
Direction Patani was noticed during this quite fit and glamorous look. The direction went in the car early in the morning, without much hesitation from the media. But the media and their fans looked eager to know about this friend.