समुद्र पर तैरता हुआ आया एलियन जब सच से उठा पर्दा तो भाग निकले लोग

This mysterious creature suddenly appeared to be flowing in the ocean, dangerous and extremely horrible. He was seen dead, but when the truth was shrouded, the fury between people started

Local people are saying 'Globsters', this huge creature that appeared at around 7 o'clock on the evening of May 11. This terrible creature is causing fear of a disaster disaster in people
To see this mysterious creature went gathering huge crowds of people. Many people took selfie with the body of 20 feet bigger. So some people believe that this creature is a sign of an earthquake like a catastrophic disaster
When people saw this dangerous creature, the marine workers who reached the spot took photographs of this creature for the sample. This creature was very dirty smell. Marine employees said that this creature could be of another planet
Fox Law Enforcement Officer Vox Krusada told that they have collected samples to examine the organism. But at the moment we can say that this creature is a whale that came flowing on the beach. But still no one can say anything about the exact species of the creature