अंबानी के बेटे की सगाई में ये कंपनी परोस रही है खाना करोड़ों रुपये है एक ...

Social media reports are wondering which companies and brands have been involved to manage the engagement party. According to the Blog Wedding Sources, the French Uber-Fabulous Food brand, Ladur, is likely to serve guests in the engagement of Akash Ambani and Shlok Mehta.

However, the Ambani people have not confirmed these reports, but if this is really true then we will not be surprised. You can expect absolutely the best of the Ambani engagement party
Founded in 1862, Ladur, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, New York and Los Angeles and even in Toronto, Canada is globally accepted paststory and luxury dessert brand with outlets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. According to its official website, this company offers special services in weddings in various countries around the world and also offers wedding cakes with it.
According to Wedding Sources, the menu for engagement can be designed by the Mumbai based catering company Foodlink Banquets and Catering, which caters to worldwide events. According to information about the company on the website of Wedding Sources, Foodlink specializes in gourmet food, for which a team of chefs is assigned to different parts of the world.