इस गाँव मे शादी के बाद 5 दिन तक दुल्हन को रखा जाता है निर्वस्त्र कारण जा...

This misuse is prevalent in the Goddess of India in a hill and forested area of ​​Himachal Pradesh. Here, when a new bride comes to her in-laws after marriage, she is not welcomed, but women of that place discharge her. This way he is kept in this situation for 5 days. Not only this, the new bride is not allowed to meet her husband. They are also forbidden to talk to each other. Only 5 days are passed to meet them. During this time, the bride is given a small towel to wrap her body. But what is the reason for this serious and anti-social practice?

The people of this forest area recognize that keeping the bride in such a way, her husband's age increases and there is no crisis at all. It is also said that in such a way the deities are happy and there is no pandemic or starvation in their area. This type of recognition in these people has been going on for centuries. They are now continuing to do this.