मां को भरोसा जिंदा लाैटेगा बेटा सलामती के लिए गुफा के बाहर कर रहे हैं दु...

Thailand is completely convinced by the time and it is due to the sudden disappearance of the football team of a school there. On Saturday, 12 football players, aged between 11 and 15 years old, were stranded in a cave located in the National Park, Thailand, but they could not be repatriated. Since last 5 days, NASA has been looking for them but they have no clue. Parents living in fear are demanding for their children

The children of the children are restless and are praying with the monks outside the cave. They still feel that their lost child is absolutely safe and God does all that is right. At the same time, Thailand's PM has assured the citizens of the country that their expectations are alive that the children and their coaches are safe.
The information about having children stranded in several meters long Luan Nang Nong Cave in northern Thailand is from their unclaimed cycles standing at the main gate. Investigators believe that 13 people of Chiang Rai reached Tham Luahang Nang Noon in a cave through a 15 meter long narrow. Due to the increasing water the way was closed and for this reason all 13 people got stuck in that cave. Kamolachai Kotcha, an official from Thailand's National Park Administration, told CNN
Kotka said that we have been working for the past 24 hours, but there is a lot of trouble in it. Caves are dark and in some areas the amount of oxygen is low and due to the rain our work has become even more difficult. Wednesday's campaign to save the football team and his coach was severely affected by heavy rain