इस भारतीय खिलाड़ी पर टूट पड़ा दुखों का पहाड़ अस्‍पताल में भर्ती हुई पत्नी न...

Indeed, Nehra's wife, Rashma, has been admitted in the hospital recently. He himself posted a social media handler and posted it to the fans. Although he did not tell in his post why he had to be admitted to the hospital

Giving information on her Instagram, Rushma wrote, "Small steps are being taken in the right direction. Life is not exactly the same as on the Instagram. I just want to share a true struggle with the people in my life.
Ashish Nehra's fans are praying for the recovery of Rushma as soon as possible. Let's say Ashish Nehra had a love marriage with Roshma in the year 2007. Ashish and Rushma's first meeting took place in England in 2002, where they got good friendships between the two and gave love to the clouds in love. In 2007, after having a date for each other for a full 5 years, both were tied in marriage bonds.
Being admitted to the wife's hospital, Nehra has increased the problem. In fact, Nehra has been selected for Hindi commentary for the England tour starting July 3. In addition to Nehra, Hindi commentary panel has included Sourav Ganguly, Sunil Gavaskar, Sanjay Manjrekar, Harsha Bhogle, Deep Das Gupta, Gaurav Kapoor, Vivek Rajdan and others. It would be very difficult for such a Nehra to leave a sick wife and go to England