10 साल की बच्ची मेहनत करके खुद पाल रही अपने भाई-बहन का पेट माँ बाप चले ग...

Spend time with friends, play, study, have fun and then keep quiet with my mother Papa. This is the right of every child. But some children are so bad that they do not even have a viewer. This is the story of a little girl who is only 10 years old.

10-year-old Xiao Ying, her younger siblings come first and then no one else. He loves his brother and sister very much. He is also the chief of his family. Now you should be thinking that everything is fine but how can she be the head, because she is only 10 years old, while the rest of her family will be bigger than her.

Actually this girl has no third in this world besides her siblings. This little girl lives with her siblings in the village named Nantang. A few years ago these children had lost their father due to cancer. After this the mothers of these children went to some places like their own mothers, leaving them in their own places and never returned.
Even before 10 years of Xiao, there is no other way to live life but I did not give up in this baby girl. One day, Xiao's uncle told him that he wanted to adopt his younger brother and sister, but he was against it and he did not allow his uncle to do this.
Xiao did not want her siblings to be with anyone else. So he decided to become his mother and father himself. From this day onwards, Xiao taught both to teach and teach what they needed. He told them to brush up in the morning and then go to school to take a bath, go to school and study well. Thank God that these children are not alone. The three have support each other. The three children live near their uncle.