धूम 3 फिल्म का यह मासूम बच्चा अब दिखता है इतना हैंडसम और डैशिंग, आप भी द...

Bollywood blockbuster Dhoom 3 was released in 2013 and director of the film was Vijay Krishna Acharya. The film was made in a budget of 125 crores and it was one of the highest budget films ever made in the history of Bollywood. The film earned a whopping 400 crore in just 10 days and it became Bollywood's highest grossing film.

All the artists of this film had made a special contribution in making the film a hit by performing well. In this film, you will definitely remember the child who played the role of Aamir Khan's childhood. Tell him that his real name is Siddhartha Corporation and now he is quite young
Let us tell you that Siddhartha Corporation was born in Uttar Pradesh in 2000. Siddhartha got the gymnastics at the national level and he also got gold medal in this category. Siddharth started his acting debut in 2011 with small advertisements from television
Let me tell you that Dhoom 3 was the only Bollywood movie of his career, after that he appeared only in the television serial. Please tell that Siddhartha Nigam played Ashoka / Precursor in the most popular serial of Colors TV, Chakravarty Ashok Samrat. He was last seen playing the role of young widow in the television serial Chandra Nandini.