किसी ने तिरंगे को पैर दिखाए तो किसी ने बिकनी बनाई, ये हैं सितारों संग ति...

Many of our Bollywood friends have insulted the Tricolor. In such a situation, he had to face opposition. So let us tell you which tiranga controversy is associated with which stars.

Amitabh Bachchan on the shoulder of the tricolor
Amitabh Bachchan - After India's victory over Pakistan in the 2015 World Cup, Amitabh also did not remain happy. During this, he bowed the tricolor on the shoulder. After that, they also got scandal to insult the Tricolor. A man in Ghaziabad had also sued him.

Bollywood actress Shahrukh Khan floating in a tricolor
Shahrukh Khan - In a video, King Khan was seen floating upside-down tricolor. After which the Pune police filed a case against Shahrukh for the insult of the tricolor. However, many of Shah Rukh's films are in the spirit of patriotism.

Priyanka Chopra wearing a tricolor like a scarf
Priyanka Chopra - Beautiful actor Priyanka Chopra turned trolled on social media when she wrapped up the scarf of a tricolor in her throat. Priyanka had a video of herself with the Tricolor on the occasion of Independence Day on the Instagram. After that, people said they were good and bad on social media.

Mallika with the tricolor in the movie poster
Mallika Sherawat- Mallika Sherawat is known for her bold avatar. In this sequence, Mallika had wrapped the tricolor on the body in Dirty Politics. After which people of this poster strongly opposed.

Sania showing legs to Tricolor
Sania Mirza - tennis player Sania is the daughter of India, but she is now the daughter-in-law of Pakistan. At one time, a photo of Sania came across a lot of controversy. The reason was that Sania was showing her legs to the tricolor. People spit on him after which he gave his cleansing on it.

Jewel and Parvati in the dress of Tricolor
Jewel Vashistha and Parvati Omnakhuttan- Jewel and Parvati came into controversy when they dressed the national flag and dressed them. Jewelry wore the tricolor and made Parvati mini skirt.