पटरी पर लेटा रहा युवक ऊपर से गुजर गई ट्रेन, फिर जो हुआ उड़ा देगा होश

People are risking their lives without worrying about being famous on social media. One such dangerous video was shot by some youth, which is becoming viral on social media.

It is being told that this video belongs to Kashmir. However, it has not been confirmed yet. The video first appears in a fast track train.

After a while, a young man appears lying on the track of the face lying on his face.

Seeing again, a high speed train passes over it.

After the passing of the train, the young man expresses joy on survival and yells at passion. On this video, former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah also expressed his heartburn. He tweeted this video from his twitter handles, "It is very wrong to do such acts. These young people do not believe in stupidity.