कासगंज हिंसा मामले में बड़ा खुलासा, जिंदा है ये शख्स, फैलाई गई थी मौत की...

कांसगंज violence in rumored to spread some so serious case साममे come. After which the social media suddenly earthquake which has come. These complete case up the kasganj in January 26 violence is connected. With Facebook and Twitter by some rumors spreading environment spoiler tried. In fact, some people on the social media these rumors spread that kasganj violence occurred during the firing sandalwood Gupta, as well as he Upadhyay name of the person also shot it takes to died. When the news wildfire like extends the kasganj of Lucknow up आलाधिकारी Hill the. Lucknow sitting in the government of large ministers and intelligence system, including the administration officials this news immediate attention taken. Followed by the police Rahul Upadhyay information Lee and something officer her home made. But he Upadhyay home visiting the truth know go to know the police feet under ground as shifted by. In fact, the Rahul Upadhyay the death of the news of the social media had his home on the perfect Salamat is. Rahul Upadhyay said kasganj violence of the day he ever was not only was Rahul Upadhyay full information to the police Facebook and Twitter these rumors spread match against link action started. Police in this case 4 people arrested. Police said that the Rahul Upadhyay the death of a matter of social media on being run is, he is alive and perfect Salamat your home on. Police appeal that some kind of rumors ignore and rumor tedding miscreants information instantly we give the Rahul Upadhyay die rumored to social media ongoing was he kasganj the नगलागंज village of living is. Rahul Upadhyaya said on January 26, he violence at place kasganj were not only.


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