20 गर्लफ्रेंडस का खर्चा उठाने के चक्कर में Dance India Dance का ये युवक ...

A similar startling case has just happened to us recently.

Actually, a young man, who has been part of the small-screen famous dance reality show "Nach Baliye" and "Dance India Dance", has been arrested and arrested by the police in an attempt to rob the looter. According to the information, this 22 year old dancer has about 20 girlfriends. Therefore, in order to raise their expenses, the young man had to keep his feet in this dirty world of crime. More recently, the execution of 3.45 lakh robbery took place at Dwarka's Pizza Hut Outlet. After which the police found him guilty during the investigation and arrested

For your information, let us tell you that this dancer is none other than Adnan Khan. According to Anonymous, she has remained part of many dance shows auditions. There is also its own YouTube channel. According to Adnan, he had won the Uttarakhand dance competition of 2014. According to reports, Anonymous on December 11, 2017, anonymity carried out the robbery with his three companions on the strength of a knife in a pizza outlet of Sector 12. In this loot he got Rs 3.45 lakh
When the police questioned Anadan Khan in custody, he confessed that he had committed the loot. The reason behind this was that she had 20 girlfriends whose shoe she wanted to fulfill. Anonymous told that the demand for his lover was increasing day by day and it was not possible for him to keep him happy with his pocket expenses. After this, finally he planned to kill a long hand and made a plan to plunder with three other people.