तिरंगे का अपमान करते दिखे टीम इंडिया के यह खिलाड़ी, जानिए किसने क्या कहा

The second day of the third Test between Team India and South Africa was named after India. After the best bowling, the batsmen of Team India also performed brilliantly. After all, all the players were happy. Cheteshwar Pujara's birthday is on 25th January. In such a way, Team India got an opportunity to celebrate

The players of Team India celebrated Pujara's birthday and put the cake on him. Pujara's birthday cake was prepared in the design of the tricolor. Which they cut. Seeing this, the fans became annoyed and franked openly. People asked him to respect the Tricolor
Let me tell you, there has been controversy over the tricolor many times before. This time, by cutting the cake with a tricolor, the players are seen rotting in the contraversi. Now it is necessary to see whether the team can calm the anger of the people by winning India or not.