गाय पर बैठे ससुराल पहुंची दुल्हन,देखने उमड़ी भीड़

Many wedding ceremonies are performed in the marriage ceremony and everyone wants to make their marriage memorable. One such incident has come to light that China has come to know.

Where after the wedding a bride came out to sit in the cow for her in-laws. After that, a crowd of people gathered on the streets to see him. Pictures of this bride of China are getting viral on social media these days.

Like the ancient stories, 37 years of China's Zheng Fu had the desire that his bride Yin Yang came in her white gown, not in the car like everyone else but sitting in the cows to her house.

But Yin Yang did this to fulfill the wishes of her husband. She came to her in-law's house for her husband. In China, crowds crowded to see the bride sitting on the cow