आखिर भगवान को क्यों नहीं चढ़ाया जाता लहसून और प्याज, जानिए विस्तार से

Today we will know why we do not offer garlic and onions to God, what is the reason behind it

You will remember the sea churning when the sea churning was happening. Then Rahu, to drink Amrit, was treacherously embraced by Ketu. Then, after knowing the truth Lord Vishnu cut the head of both of them by his cycle, till then the nectar had gone into his mouth. And he had become immortal. But their torso was destroyed. Because the elixir did not reach under their mouth. And in this process blood fell on the ground, on which the onion and garlic became. Due to the emergence of nectar, they have the ability to fight diseases. But due to being born of monsters, we can not run the Gods
It is believed by social view that by using more onion and garlic, the mind of man wanders through religious things and worship. And it adds to things of pleasure and luxury. For this reason Brahmins do not even use it. And it is also believed that by eating onions and garlic, the quantity of milk increases. And our tendency seems to be violent.