6 साल की बच्चियों का एडल्ट परफॉर्मेंस, देखते हैं 40साल के मर्द हो जाओगे ...

The little girl in the dark and dark places in the house performs like Adult girls and they reach the age of 40 years to see them. Many parents do not even prevent their girls from going for such performance

This is also seen in Japan's capital Tokyo. These are known in Japan as Idol Singer
Some organizations working for the rights of children have raised voice against sexualization of girls
Child pornography was declared a crime in Japan in 2015. However, the country is still not able to finish it completely
The 40-year-old man, who was looking for such a performance of such girls, said that he came to watch the show two times a week. Chirro Seki said that they come to anchor the performers only and they do not have any embarrassment in it. But they believe that other fans see these girls sexually
He said that coming here for other fans is like going to the Red Light Area. Tama Hymno, who performed at the stage in 16 years, said that the men who see their show worship them and are eager to talk to them. Hemeno said that most of the fences are 'sacred'. However, he acknowledged that instead of giving him his used pants, 16 thousand rupees were offered.