साध्वी बनी एम. कॉम. पासआउट लड़की, फिर सामने आया ये रूप देखते रह गये लोग

Shree Shree Shrimad, who lives in Chhattisgarh, will now be known as Image Pradhanshreeji. The shadow of 29 years is well-educated in M ​​Com pass and computer. Shadow of religious propaganda took Jain Bhagwati initiation in Gandhi Hall on Thursday. A large number of people of Jain society were present on this occasion

Shri Sadhu Margi Jain Samata Sangha has organized Dikshit Mahotsav from the morning. In it, the 29-year-old Mumukhshu Shadow of Kavardha (Chhattisgarh) was initiated into the proximity of Acharya Ramlal. He was given the initiation of Bhagwati from the text of Karmi Bhante. On this occasion, Acharyasri blessed the initiation sister. Also said that everyone is happy. Nobody has any kind of grief. All people are from simplicity. As soon as the Dikshit method was completed, a large number of people got cheered. It is worth mentioning that Shabha's father Gulabchand and Mata Leela Shree Shrimshal are residents of Kavardha of Chhattisgarh. The Vardhoda was removed for the first shadow of the Dikshit festival, in which the crowd of devotees, the mantras of Ganesh and the majesty of Lord Mahavir were thrown together. In the Vardhan Shobhaatra, many live tunes were brought out in decoration. These floats took the mind of the people.