VIDEO:कासगंज मे हुये हिन्दू मुस्लिम दंगे लग गया कर्फ्यू हुयी 3 लोगो की म...

Violence spread among two communities during Republic Day on Tuesday in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. It was too late to go to the tableau. In this violence a young man died, after which there is tension in the whole area. But it is being told that the situation is under control.

The country was celebrating Republic Day and Kasganj became a battleground when the people of VHP and ABVP had taken the trip to the Republic Day on the occasion of the Republic Day. It is alleged that people of a particular community attacked the tricolor on the bike, after which the violence broke out. Violence was such that Chandan died in a tricolor rally. It is a bad thing to cry for the people of sandalwood
The tears of the mother crying near the body of a tricolor wrapped are not there. Despite this, Chandan's father is appealing for peace in the city. Chandan's father says, "The children were carrying flags in their hands, saying the children of Bharat Mata Jai ​​and Vande Mataram. Some people on the Tahsil Road told me that a community-specific people said why they are saying here. Later, in the car, sticks, etc. and killed my child by firing. I want peace in the city. "The youth, named Naushad, has also been injured in the shootout in Bagwal.
Thane from violence site is just 100 steps away
Let me tell you that the police station from that place is very close to that place. But there are allegations by the police that during the time they did not stop the violence. Kotwali police station is just 100 steps away from the place of violence. The police have been accused of delaying the police but the police are saying that they had reached the time. Police say that the police had arrived immediately after the parade and had taken control of the spot.
The police said, "Not at all, (the late coming thing) is wrong. Everyone had come in 10 minutes. "Anand Kumar, the ADG (law and order) of UP, says. "At this time the entire force is engaged there. Officials of the District Administration are there. At this time the situation is stressful but it is in control. There is no violence of any kind. There is now the police guard all around Kasganj. Security forces have been recovered from the surrounding areas. Security forces continued patrolling overnight.
Now the question is, how did this condition of Kasganj reach when the police arrived in time? Who made Kasganj a battleground? When the police arrived at the time, who set fire to the mosque? Let me tell you that the mosque was also set on fire, whose marks are clearly visible. But there is still a question about who is responsible for the violence in Kasganj.