शादी के ठीक बाद दोस्तों ने मिलकर उतार दिए बीवी के कपड़े, तमाशा देखता रहा...

Some pictures have come from Henan province of China, which is very embarrassing.

But there is no firm knowledge about the tradition seen in photographs or customs of local locality in China. But if it is a joke then it is quite embarrassing. Explain that some friends of the groom were standing with the newly married couple in pictures. It is being told that according to a tradition these people are dressing the bride. During this, Dulhan feels quite ashamed.
But it is a shame that the groom who is lying on the bed is not coming forward to stop his friends. Explain that the video is quite viral on social media, which crores have seen. China is generally known throughout the world for its special traditions. But this tradition of China is quite embarrassing.