घर में खुदाई कर रहे थे बाप-बेटे, निकली बेशकीमती चीज़ कि पहुंच गए DM-SDM

Hardoi got some such thing during a digging in a house, which became the subject of discussion in the area. As soon as the information was received, the police administration reached the spot and stopped the excavation work. Along with this, the Archeology Department was informed.

When the shovel lying on the wall and turned out to be
The case is in the Kasimpur police station area of ​​Hardoi district of UP. Munshilal and his son living in Shereri village were digging in their ruined ruined house.
When the shovel wall fell on the edge one clay washed. A lot of silver coins came out of it.
The news of the release of coins from the ruins spread like a fire in the village. In search of treasure, people reach far and wide. The police and administration team reached the spot on the spot as soon as possible.
SDM Ashish Singh stopped the excavation in the ruins and marked the place of the treasure.
DM Pulakit Khare told that the coins of the excavated are more than 100 years of coinage. A total of 37 coins have come out, which have been taken by the police. The Archeology Department has been informed that they will be able to tell the actual price of the coins.
At the same time, the owner of the house Munshilal says, we were doing the same from the house, we were digging the house. We did not even know about the coins. People are saying that there is a treasure trove. Now I do not know what will happen next.