इस शख्स ने आलू और प्याज से चलाया पंखा, देखकर हैरान रह जाएंगे आप

Everyone is surprised to see the effect of the person you are going to tell us today. You must know that many people have done a lot of things which every person is surprised to see, such as a person a few days ago Made a water-driven car

It is known to all that the power-driven goods can not run without electricity, but this person is claiming to run the electricity fan with potato and onion. It may surprise you that if someone How can a fan run by human potato and onion
In order to prove his claim to be true, this person puts two potatoes and one onion in a thin stick of iron, and this person does the same with the other stick, after this person, both the stick with the fan The fan starts running suddenly, the video created by this person is becoming very viral on social media. The video claims to have been produced by potatoes and onions, but it has happened. These have not been reported |